Allround, dedicated, creative and flawless.

Over the years L&A freight ’s staff and our customers who outsourced their logistics to us established fruitful cooperations. Due to close contact, understanding the needs and wants and striving to meet the same goals and the highest quality in work.  


Company Profile

After twenty years of existence we can honestly state that L&A freight is not just any freightforwarder. As within our marketniche we established ourselves as one of the leading logistics providers in electronics and valuables in Europe.

supply chain management

Any business that is involved in foreign trade requires assistance from professional logistics /warehousing services.

Our work

Thus not only functioning as our customer's eyes and ears when it comes to logistics but also contributing to growth, success, reputation and improved cash flow of our customers' organizations.


Attractive for foreign trading companies with a Dutch-based legal entity also is the so-called Article 23 VAT deferment License under Dutch tax law.

L&A stands for honesty ,discretion , confidentiality , dedication, quality, flexibility and speed.  


Even in today’s fast changing world business is still done by people and learning-curves are based on experience and continuously striving for improvement best rewarded by long healthy relationships.

We therefore emphasise the appreciation of existing long lasting business relations with our customers, being their logistics partner, knowing their DNA, trade potential and ambitions  whilst self confident in our ability to offer logistics solutions of any kind; may it be “hands on” in transport, warehousing  and expedition, orderprocessing and distribution or on a higher level  solving logistical problems in supply chains, streamlining airfreight routings, regrouping  and consolidating goods for further distribution worldwide. 

Thank you for your awareness and looking forward to doing business together. Please don’t hesitate to question us if we can fit in new business models, preferably in early or preliminary stage so we can help you find the optimum in logistic solutions.



Harry Appelman & team L&A