Thus not only functioning as our customers' eyes and ears when it comes to logistics but also contributing to growth, success, reputation and improved cash flow for our customers' organizations.


Thus not only functioning as our customer's eyes and ears when it comes to logistics but also contributing to growth, success, reputation and improved cash flow of our customers' organizations. Meanwhile enabling our customers to do what is their core business; trading, while we take care of the rest and make sure there is no reason for worries. 
We do so by our proven handling, secure storage and subcontracting only with the most reliable partners. So far none of our customers ever lost a pennies worth in all those years!  
The margin of errors in processing and distribution, stock differences, damages during warehousing or transport have proven to be next to zero.  
Still, we always strive for continuous improvement in value-added logistics. A simple example is our outbound shipments are always packed in such a way that they present themselves as if they were your business card.  Surely quality, flexibility, creativity and speed at L&A Freight in processing and expediting only add to our customers' product quality and commercial success. 

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In transport, we not only find the most cost-efficient or effective shipping modes but by thinking out of the box, we can also often reduce freight costs significantly by creatively repacking, restocking or optimally repalletizing goods. Usually, we ship valuables crated  (only marginally more expensive than palletized) to minimize risks of theft and damage during transport and ship by dedicated couriers throughout Europe at prices so competitive that they most likely almost meet  -or sometimes even beat - costs of groupage trucking
If needed we do in-house occasional light assembly,  customization – or “rework” programs solving simple technical factory production problems etcetera, helping out  a “customer in distress.”

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In disciplines like bonded warehousing, clearance formalities, arranging insurances, hold and release, export certificate, inspection reports and POD’s. We have shown we meet anyone’s expectations and beyond at times. Functioning also as an experienced sparring partner to improve efficiency, reduce costs or solve problems of any kind in logistics. As speed is an issue in trading, most orders are ready for shipping same or next day.  Often even processed and shipped within hours after the arrival of the goods  at our premises
We are lucky to be situated at Amsterdam airport which of course is known for having just about the best flight connection in the world.  We are an AEO certified company and can make in-house safety declarations for airfreight with the use of specially trained canines.
Having made arrangements with TNT, FedEx and UPS  we have pick-ups and deliveries at fixed times on a daily bases. Due to our combined transport volumes, we can offer our customers very competitive prices.



VAT Deferment

Attractive for foreign trading companies with a Dutch-based legal entity also is the so-called Article 23 VAT deferment License under Dutch tax law. The authorization enables avoiding paying VAT at the moment when the goods that are imported are cleared for customs by a freight forwarder or customs broker. The import VAT amount will be reverse charged on a subsequent tax return, resulting in a nil payment of the tax.
Fiscal Representation is vital for companies that are not established in the Netherlands. In principle, non-resident companies making taxable supplies of goods and/or services in the Netherlands need to register for VAT purposes. E.g. companies releasing products for free circulation in the Netherlands and making subsequent supplies to customers in the Netherlands or abroad. As a consequence, the non-resident company with a Dutch VAT registration must submit periodic VAT returns.  In good conscience L&A can cooperate and step up as Your fiscal representative and therefore take care of your registration and will prepare and submit your VAT returns, your European Sales Listing and Intrastat declarations if applicable. 
With Fiscal Representation, your company also can import goods without paying import VAT