All our forwarding activities within the framework of air, sea and road transportation, are supported by expansive and experienced brokers who professionally take care of all customs procedures including exports, imports, and transit.

Bonded warehousing


Advantages of bonded warehousing



Our customs services include:

Goods coming from outside the European Community are normally termed non-community goods, which means they have to comply with customs formalities. If your goods subsequently need to be transported again, we are authorised to make them community-compliant or to transport them accompanied by a new T1 document.


  • If most of your goods are transported to countries outside the European Union, you do not have to pay custom duties.

  • If you need to store goods for a while and only later import them into the EU, you can postpone payment of custom duties and VAT.

  • Customs personnel are involved less.

  • Flexibility.

  • Clearance formalities

  • Export declarations, Export certificates, Certificates of Origin

  • Temporary import / export

  • Assistance with your paperwork: creating invoices and/or packing lists, customs documentation and TIR carnets

  • Pre-customs clearance

  • All import/export formalities

  • Fiscal representation