Any business that is involved in foreign trade requires assistance from professional logistics /warehousing services. Keep in mind that many aspects are involved and warehousing service is playing a key role in your supply chain management as it mainly controls the movement and storage of your goods. 


Therefore consider the following:

  • Who can you trust and rely on to take care of your storage and transport? 

  •  Who can you  give your confidence when hold for release procedures are involved?  

  •  Will your logistics partner treat your goods like they were their own?  Is it secure?         

  •  Will they be discrete?

  •  Will they fulfill not only your expectations but also satisfy  your customers? 

  •  Will they deliver continuous high quality service? 

  •  Will they supply punctually and fast? 

  •  Will they do all that affordable and cost-effective? 

  •  Will they be dedicated? 

  •  What about aligning plain clear effective communication? 

  •  What about stock management information, what about insurance, arranging   correct documentation and files for your (legal) administration?

Understanding our customers

We understand our customers and the interests involved. We use all our skills and experience and also leverage our footprint and network of partners to get the best rates and service for our customers.

Our solutions allow you to decrease costs, improve cashflow and respond quickly to changes in customer demand. We’ll take a lot of homework and worries of your plate to ensure you can focus on your core business and competences. We will do our best to help you in keeping your overhead costs low, your cash at hand for investments, your customers satisfied and your business growing

Please do not hesitate to check our references to make sure we are up to our promises. Here is one of them taken from the website of Taurus Europe BV, One of Europe’s leading IT Traders;


“Since its inception in December 2005, Taurus Europe BV has been active in the distribution of IT Hardware. Being situated in the Netherlands means we have access to one of the leading logistics networks in the world. Indeed our business model is all about having a global vision whilst maintaining a low-cost structure with the majority of the personnel involved directly in sales and purchasing. We outsource our warehousing operations to L&A Freight, located near Amsterdam airport. L&A Freight is world class in its handling of IT Hardware logistics and we enjoy a strong working relationship with them.  In this way,  Taurus staff are free to dedicate all their time to the revenue-generating operations of the business.”